implications of interactivity: what does it mean for sound to be “interactive”?

I’ve been playing video games for as long as I could remember. Video game sound didn’t seem so interactive to me until music simulation games likes Guitar Hero and Rockband were released. Upon reading this article I can now see how narrow minded I was as to how interactive sound is in video games. The cues that are associated with sound in video games seemed natural to me I didn’t think of them as a separate entity that made the video game more interactive. While reading the article I began to recall all of the video game sounds that immersed me in the world. I find myself appreciating the composition of video game music more than the actual sound that one could control within a video game(gun shots, footsteps, etc) but now I understand that the sound and the way I control the sound are just ways to immerse myself further in that world.


Killing Me Softly With His Song

When I think of music I usually think of somebody exerting their creativity and creating music. While reading this article I realized that music can be used for something other than what you intended. The relationship between sound and humans is very fascinating. The thought of sound as a weapon makes me think of a futuristic weapon that would amplify sound to incapacitate people. Something I might find in a video game. I never really paid attention the fact that sound has been used torment people. I would see movies with old wars being fought and I never understood why they would chant, scream, and howl in unison. These intimidation tactics now seem integral in fighting. From my understanding, humans have a natural fear of loud noises so loud music can be used to torture people psychologically. I think that creating music is a beautiful thing but, how people use that music says a lot about us humans.  Music & Torture

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Sarah Hankins, “So Contagious: Hybridity and Subcultural Exchange in HipHop’s Use of Indian Samples”

I found the argument about the music not being “tough enough” or “Indian enough” to be engaging. I don’t think that Indian music is supposed to sound “tough” so if one is incorporating it into their work then representation should be the main concern. I had no idea that integration of Indian music began in 2001 with Timbaland and Missy Elliott. I was aware that artists had begun using tablas so the Indian sound was familiar, but I only recently started noticing it more after Selena Gomez released her single ‘Come and Get It.’ The song featured Hindi and Indian percussion and was performed incorporating moves influenced by bharatnatym and the Middle East. It’s great to see that in hip hop music can come from anywhere around the world. Experimentation within hip hop can lead to new sounds and as long as the “hook” is unique it is likely to be a favorite of many.

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Mathias Bonde Korsgaard, “Music Video Transformed”

I did my presentation on the topic of music videos and started my research by reading the pieces from the syllabus. Even though I’ve watched many music videos, I wasn’t aware that there were so many types. What automatically caught my attention in the article was the description of interactive videos. Product placement is something that is considered “normal” now since it happens so often, but I didn’t know videos were actually including these hyperlinks that could allow viewers to purchase the items shown. I actually went to and it’s amazing that you can hover over something in the background like a couch and get the brand name.
I agree with Korsgaard’s view that these interactive videos empower users while extending the role of advertising. Less than a month ago Taylor Swift released her music video for Blank Space and although it was entertaining to watch, the interactive video app is difficult to avoid. The interactive experience ends when the song does, but you want to keep playing it in order to get all the 40 collectibles scattered throughout the rooms. This format pushes viewers to keep playing therefore replaying the song as well. As Korsgaard said, these new forms are “intensely joyful and encapsulating.”


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Mathew Loiseau

Amy Herzog


Blog post 3

So Contagious: Hybridity and Subcultural Exchange in Hip-Hop’s

Use of Indian Samples

The sampling of music can come from absolutely anywhere. In the hip hop culture most songs are produced by sampling. The samples can come from records or and kind of instrument or sound. In the missy Elliott song get your freak on the producer timberland took a sample from an Indian recorded. I think it is interesting to see how producers compile many samples to produce a song. The sample of a song gives the song a certain kind of feel. The sound from get your freak on gives the song a foreign vibe.




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The article “‘I’m From Rags to Riches’: The Death of Jay-Z”  by Cynthia Fuchs talks about the rapper Jay Z career. Jay Z had made many changes in his career that affected him negatively and positively. Some of the decisions that he chose to do affected his image. Jay Z always wore Fitted hats and jerseys feel that a rappers image is extremely important in the hip hop industry because it represents wear the rapper came from and his personality.  The Image that a rapper puts out can determine the type of audience that he or she draws in. the crowed that jay z mostly took in at the beginning of his career are young adults.

The music videos that he put out help promote his images. He wrote about events that happen in the pasted  while he was in mercy projects. All of his videos represented money car women and hustling.  I remember the video that he had come out in 1996 called dead presidents. In the video their was a drugs deal that was going on. Jay z in the past was a drug dealer before he started rapping.

There is a mistake that happens when Jay Z always associated with a hood image. People always thought of him as the hustlers. I think when children see jay z that the only thing they see him as. They may look up to him and glorify what he has done in his videos. I think the children and people that take offence  to what Jay Z stands for in his music videos should know that this only represents what happen in his past and it is just an act.



Mathew Loiseau

Feed back

Dear, Tiaquon Russell

I think the notes that you took about these underground rappers are great. These type of artist tend to not get the same exposer as main stream artist. These artist music sound very similar to 90’s rap. I think the 90s is a great era of music in rap. It is good that there are rappers that pay homage to the past by making new records.

It is good that you gave details on different performances that went on in the Brooklyn area. I watch the JOEYBADA$$ performance and saw the attire that he was wearing. It look like it came straight from the 90’s. he was rocking the crowed like Jay-z back in the day when he use to wear jerseys and fitted. Its funny how people in the crowed was wearing hats similar to joey badass. People in the hip hop community have a distinct way of dressing and wearing clothes. Joey Badass has an extremely nice flow when he rhymes.

I think you should have mention a lot more on pro era that was in the crowed. The interviews that you conducted with other people were pretty good and straight forward. You ask very basic questions that could easily be answered.

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Field Notes

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Solidarity Is For Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications Of Her VMA Performance

After having originally seen Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, I was just as stunned as the next guy. However, after reading this article and discussing it in class, there were so many  new and vulgar acts I noticed that made the performance all that much worse. Yes, Miley did succeed in her attempt to have millions of people talking about her, and still today, a year later but at the same time she subjugated black women to a new extent. She didn’t just have black backup dancers but to “enhance” certain parts of them and dance around them the way that she did was not only so unnecessary but problematic and racist.

It would be one thing if Miley was thrown into this performance with no knowledge but we all know that isn’t the truth. Miley knew what she was doing, it was all very calculated, planned and practiced. This performance was one of Miley’s multiple ways of attempting to distance herself from Hannah Montana. I understand that she may want to move on to bigger, better and more mature things but her choices in displaying that are poor ones. There are other ways achieve what Miley wants and although she is succeeding, it may be time someone tell her enough is enough.


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Mathew Loiseau

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Scratch documentary

I notice that every dj was inspired by ether a particular person or a sound. The dj would be so expressive in the way that they would describe the way they got into djing

They would be in their bedroom playing music and causing a ruckus in their house hold.

Grand master flash use to spin records in his kitchen

Dj babo got in to djing as a young kid

Africa bambada  was a leader in the hip hop community.

Djs usually got started when they were little kids on their parents recorded player.

They would have a lot of open hand jesters and head nodding when they speak. Djs like dj premier would get so excited when talking about the past and when they were growing up.

Rappers got paid a lot more than djs.

The word hip hop and rap had many definitions behind it.

B boying, style of dress, music, rap, djing and many more.

Djs would always have block parties with families friends and b boys

the djs would be behind the turntables and play songs all day

the way that they transition from one song to another song is by using a mixer

the mixer cosite of a cross fader that gives the dj the ability to listen to two songs simmltanouisly

Djs had different scratch techniques that manitulated the sound of the scratch

Dj DST had a huge influence on up and coming Djs.

Mix master mike was influence by Dj DST.

He became a turntablest because of him.

Mix master mike considered scratching a type of language in his mind.

Dj Qbert was considered one of the best scratch Djs known to man

He sent hours in his garage perfecting new scratch techniques.

The fresh sound was a very popular sound to DJ

Dj Qbert stated that the fresh sound is the best way to determine a DJ skill

I notice that the main turntable that Djs spin on was technique SL 1200.

Djs preformed at gigs to make money for a living.

Djs would sometimes preform with an mc to help hype the crowed.

People in the doc preformed their favorite sound with their mouth.

Djs would be so concentrated on the movement of their hands while scratching a record

Beat juggling is the live manipulation of music

As turntableist beat juggled they would move their hands back and forth between the turntable and the mixer.

As the dj move back and forth he would bob his head and look very concentrated while beat juggling.

Djs would move their hands back and forth to scratch a record on a turntable.

Djs would have their records sitting on top of a slip mat while scratching a record on a turn table.

Needles are used to feel the groove of the record to hear music

Djs would perform in live bands. They would scratch different breaks together to produce a new sound.

There are different kinds of DJs. Club, turntablest , radio, and performance djs

When dj Rocket had his dj performance it had such a profound influence on up and coming djs.

There are turntables companions called  DMC were djs compete by beat juggling

DJs always proclaimed themselves the best at what they do.

When create diggers find records they like they get very excited. They spend all day going through dusty records.

A lot of djs also produce

Dj premier made a statement saying all DJs should produce music

When djs create digger they look for specific records that have different breaks that they need to produce a new record.

When dj premier did a performance with the guru he used his voice to get the crowed going and to hype man the guru voice while he raps.

Dj premier had a special way of getting the crowed going while preforming a song.

Djs make music for many different proposes. They make club records so people can party and deep lyrical music so people can study.

The scratch dj culture is about 40 years old.

Djs like to use a sample and scratch it over a continuous loop. The way they do it is have one turn table



Mathew Loiseau

Prof. Amy Herzog

What Ever Happened to Hip Hop (Documentary)


Africa bambadda said the definition of hip hop is the whole culture of movement

Hip hop has multiple meanings to it. It is often confused with the word rap

Rap is considered something you do by Africa bammbatta

Hip hop is considered to have nine elements

People describe hip hop as a universal language or a way of speaking to others

All artists in hip hop had a habit of looking up to someone that is a lot more experienced than them

Hip-hop is regarded as a way to have fun and to express oneself by Mc lyte

Kool g rap was considered to be an old school biggie.

There would have shown that had many feature artist.

During performance the artist would sway their hands and move to the rhythm of the beat

Artist would were various kinds of clothing. Some would were a lot of shiny colors like Africa Bammbada. Some other artist would were baggie clothing.

Songs that artist create needed continuous play on the radio to become popular and to go gold.

Song were used to express any idea that artist could think of.

In the past rap used to be about lyrical flow but not it is more of a direction of material goods.

Some of the people from back in the day are tired of hearing about material goods in rap music

Some people disliked the negativity that is within some hip hop songs.

Three corporations that control the circulation of music around the world.

Payola is a term use for a pay for play system that goes on when record labels pay djs to play their songs on the radio.

This causes people to get hooked on to songs that they hated when they first heard it.

There are rappers with talent that do not get exposure that they need because of payola. These rappers are considered underground and not usually heard of.

The group named little brother was unheard of because of lack of video play from BET

Their music was deemed as too intelligent for TV or radio.

Industries go for what will sell like one hit wonders

They will avoid technical rappers like most def. and immortal technique

Music back then was judged as a lot happier. Some rap music now does not have a lot of positive vibes behind it.

Artists are able to represent themselves and personality through their music.

Hip Hop is constantly under a revolution of change.

There is a huge difference in what is going on in hip hop in the 80s and 90s.

Artist like Mc lyte see a better future for hip hop

They point out a few problems and speak about the future with high hopes.